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Christie, a global leader in visual solutions for entertainment, business and industry, expands its popular line of 2K resolution Digital Cinema projection solutions with the introduction of the Christie CP2000-ZX DLP Cinema® projector.

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Outline is an Italian company. Member of the Audio Engineering Society, was founded in 1973 by a team which merged skills from different but complementary backgrounds - musicians, audiophiles and electronic designers - brought together by the great passion for music and top quality sound reproduction which they had in common. The Outline story began when Guido Noselli, putting his musical experience to use, founded the firm to enter the emergent hi-fi market.


Outline s.n.c., Head Office

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 56
25020 Flero - Brescia - Italy

T. 0039 030 35.81.341
F. 0039 030 35.80.431


Outline UK

T. 0044 0 1778 42.03.30
F. 0044 0
1778 42.03.55



  • Outline Electronics  ( 1 items )

    The OUTLINE Genius series of loudspeaker management systems represent the current state-of-the-art. Taking advantages of the latest advances in analogue to digital conversion and digital signal processing technologies the units achieve performance levels that have only recently been made possible.

    This modern design is combined with OUTLINE Factory Presets to deliver the optimal match for OUTLINE cabinets and systems. These presets allow the user to simply achieve the best possible performance from any OUTLINE loudspeaker.

    A Genius series processor may be controlled entirely from another controller, typically a Personal Computer, running an application that is compliant with the ObCom standard. Connection will normally be made to the controller via this serial port connector. This port is also used for updating the
    fi rmware in the unit.

    The Genius series processors have a library of Factory Presets designed to suit a range of OUTLINE enclosures.

  • Outline Movie Series  ( 12 items )

    With the Movie Series, Outline introduces a complete line of cinema loudspeaker enclosures. The seven models in the range are designed to meet the numerous application requirements in the cinema theatre field. The key strong points of Outline’s new cinema system consist in reducing to a minimum phase cancellation in the critical range of the spoken word and ensuring very accurate directivity control, optimised bearing in mind the problems caused by the fact that the enclosures are positioned behind the screen...

    The main channels are 3-way and can formed by using a 2-way mid-high unit (horn-loaded and available in two versions) along with two dedicated bass units. As far as the remaining channels are concerned, two subwoofer models are available and one enclosure for surround effects.

    The most interesting product in the entire Movie Series is without doubt the exponential mid frequency horn, as it has features that make it outstandingly original compared with respect to comparable systems on the market.

    This unit also incorporates a high frequency horn in a single element: in actual fact, the two horns expand independently until they meet and combine to form a common "acoustic loading".

    This ground-breaking design has resulted in considerable benefits in terms of performance and its practical application was possible thanks to powerful proprietary simulation software developed and written in Outline’s laboratories.

    The loudspeakers fitted to this horn, manufactured in anti-resonant composite material with very high structural rigidity, vary according to the model (1x8” along with a 1.75” driver on the H081).


    To meet the needs for greater sound pressure necessary for correct audio reproduction in cinemas, the range is completed by two types of low frequency units (2x15” and 1x15”, respectively B215 and B115), two subwoofers (2x18” and 1x18” on S 218 and S 118 respectively) and two types of surround boxes (1x8” plus a 25mm. tweeter and 1x10” plus a 32mm. tweeter on the
    FX 81 and FX 101 models).

    An extremely sturdy bracket with numerous regulation possibilities
    (“Staffa MV1”) enables the H 081 or H 102 horns to be mounted on the bass units (fitted as standard with threaded nut screws) and the availability of passive crossovers, which enable to connect and use the main (front) channels in a bi-amped configuration, complete the Movie Series. The cabinets’ finish – studied bearing in mind the fact that they must be as unobtrusive as possible for this type of application – is matt black and water resistant, in order to allow the Outline Movie systems to be also used in outdoor summer venues without any particular precautions being required.



    Systems used for sound reinforcement in cinema theatres can range from a mono set-up to high-profile systems with Dolby Digital, DTS and SDDS digital audio which, in various configurations, can involve anything up to eight separate channels (between front, surround and subwoofers). The format chosen and the dimensions of the hall establish the channels and the number of enclosures to use. A typical system for an “average” cinema theatre (with a capacity of 4-500) would consist in three main front channels behind the screen (comprising three H 102 horns and three B 215 bass units), one or two S 218 subwoofers and a suitable number of FX81 surround cabinets mounted on the side walls (and possibly on those at the back of the hall). To ensure excellent end results, an expert acoustical consultant must be contacted to decide firstly if there’s any need for acoustic treatment as well as ensuring that the entire system is correctly designed. Regarding the enclosures for sound reproduction, manufacturers of the encoding systems for the abovementioned soundtracks set rather high “numerical” standards for official approval of cinema theatres. Outline’s Movie Series loudspeaker systems meet these requirements and even exceed them.

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