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Christie, a global leader in visual solutions for entertainment, business and industry, expands its popular line of 2K resolution Digital Cinema projection solutions with the introduction of the Christie CP2000-ZX DLP Cinema® projector.

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PL-5000 spool tower

 PL-5000 spool tower

Special Price: 51,99 EURO !!!

Technical features:
- Suitable to be installed next to any type of projector.
- Film pay out and take up with electronic regulation system, controlled by a microprocessor.
- Feature film device for steady reels up to 970 mmø (4.500 mts).
- AC motor with gearbox.
- Reel shaft 12,7 mmø, (other options by request).
- Film rewind electronic system.
- Link connection with projector for start/stop and control of the tower.
- Capability to mount and dismantle the feature film on the unit.
- Uniform tension of film according to SMPTE norm.
- Link connection which stops the projector by breakage or end of film, if the projector has this option available.
- (Reels not included in this product)

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