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Christie, a global leader in visual solutions for entertainment, business and industry, expands its popular line of 2K resolution Digital Cinema projection solutions with the introduction of the Christie CP2000-ZX DLP Cinema® projector.

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Brighter Illumination for Large Screen Applications

For big screen presentations, Christie's Reference Console is the proven light source. The Reference provides even light distribution and brighter illumination for 60 foot screens, without damaging film.

Our 15-inch metal reflector's unique multi-layered dichroic coating protects the film from harmful IR energy and delivers maximum brightness and uniform distribution, with less heat.

Push-button motorized bulb alignment provides precise alignment of the lamp and our revolutionary pressurized plenum cooling system extends lamp life by cooling both the reflector and the bulb. In addition, Christie's patented automatic lamp focus accommodates both flat and scope apertures, proving it the ideal choice for big screen projection.

CDXL Lamp-Down Program - Christie High Performance CDXL series lamps are highly efficient. You can reduce the lamp size in your film console a step from the lamp originally specified – and maintain or even improve brightness.


Comes standard with motorized bulb alignment offering additional choice of the following options:

  • Patented automatic bulb focus
  • Motorized 3-Axis Bulb Adjustment (MOT)
  • 57" sound rack, mounted
  • IR filter
  • Floor mount sound racks
  • External exhaust blower


  • Cinema/exhibition


 Weight and Dimensions 
  • 660 lbs
  • 71" H x 24" W x 42" D

Power Requirements 
  • 208/230 VAC
  • 60Hz
  • 40 amps
  • Current range: 110-205

Also available as: 
  • 380/415 50Hz, specify when ordering
Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.
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